What is Wellness?

A strong, softly sculpted body moving with fluidity and grace;

eyes bright, smile quick, skin glowing, spirit centred,

emotions free, dreams encountered, life diverse, walking in peace.

This is true health.

This is Total Body Radiance.

Everywhere we go we see ads screaming at us for "magic products"
that will make us skinny and beautiful.

I wish to contend that "skinny" is rarely healthy,
and true beauty comes from within.

Neither of these can be attained with a pill, or a "quick fix".

True health and beauty are a journey - one filled with joy, discovery, delight,
meaningful community, and faith.

It comes from joyfully acknowledging what you're doing right,
and delightfully discovering meaningful changes that last a lifetime.

It comes from engaging your WHOLE self: body, soul, spirit, emotions.

It comes from surrounding yourself with people that help you be all that you are.

This is the journey of Total Body Radiance.

We offer:

  • a compete health and wellness program designed for people who know they should be doing something to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle but are suffering from information overload (and conflict!) and lack of willpower or the necessary determination to toss out the old, and start with the new.
  • a step-by-step series of web-coaching lessons that you can apply in the privacy of your home without embarrassing public disclosure or debilitating comparison.
  • detailed, weekly lesson plans, video recordings, mp3 recordings, special reports for those who want to get "immersed" and a quick "checklist and skim" method for those who are easily overwhelmed
  • The ability to interact with real professionals, and have them answer your questions personally
  • A specially constructed journal based on modern learning/personal transformation research that takes a mere 5 minutes a day, but will automatically re-program your mind for success
  • simple habits to apply in sequence so that you build a strong foundation of overall health and wellness that becomes a lifestyle. At the end of our 8-month program all the necessary tools for a PERMANENT lifestyle of radiant health will be in place in such a way that you will be living this lifestyle automatically.


Try the first four lessons (i.e. one month) for just $1.
If you like what you see, sign on of the full 8-month course
at the introductory price of just $37 per month.

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We would be so honoured to be your companions on your journey to Total Body Radiance.

The advice offered in this program is based upon the authorís own experience. The author(s) are not engaged in rendering professional advice or services to the individual participant. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions in this program are not intended to replace a consultation with a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. The author(s) shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity that incurs any loss, damage, or injury caused directly, or indirectly from any information or suggestion in this Program.

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